Hot air balloon flights

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A hot air balloon flight is different from all other experiences of flight. Traveling at heights up to 1500 feet but mostly just above the formations, you will feel peaceful, tranquil and little sensation of motion. Within moments after the lift off, you will feel at ease and effortlessly drift over the treetops and the spectacular Cappadocian landscapes.

The deep canyons, lush fertile valleys and fairy chimneys of Cappadocia provide balloons with an ideal playground for a unique and memorable flight. Gentle winds carry you over places that could never be viewed except by balloon. Ballooning is wonderful and great fun.


Please contact with us for special rates and more information. 

ATV/Quad Bike, Scooter and Bicycle

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Check out the main attractions and explore the back streets of Goreme or nearby villages with your own wheels. A great way to maximise your time in Cappadocia at your own pace.

Red Tour

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  • fairychimeny
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  • Departure from your hotel
  • Uchisar Panorama
  • Honey (Love) valley view point
  • Çavuşin Village
  • Paşabağ
  • Lunch
  • Avanos pottery demonstration
  • Devrent Valley
  • Goreme open air museum
  • Return to your hotel

Green Tour

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  • Departure from your hotel
  • Ürgüp three beauties
  • Mustafapaşa
  • Taşkınpaşa
  • Sobesos
  • Lunch
  • Soğanlı Valley hiking (2 km, 4 churches)
  • Derinkuyu Underground city
  • Kocabağ wine tasting
  • Return to your hotel

Airport Transfer


Our hotel arranges private airport transfer for you to register for airport shuttle service from or to Kayseri and Nevsehir airport. It takes about one and a half hours from Kayseri airport, it takes one hour from Nevsehir airport. The flight number is needed for airport transfers.


Horse back riding

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Experience the incredible and unusual beauty of the Cappadocian region on horseback. It is like riding the Grand Canyon with a moonscape environment. Cappadocia boasts some of the worlds most unusual and spectacular landscapes, and brings riders in touch with the areas breathtaking beauty and nature.

Turkish Night Show

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The show includes belly dance, folk dance, animation and unlimited local drinks. The reservation can be made with or without dinner.

Whirling Dervishes Ceremony

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The Sema was traditionally performed in the semahane, an octagonal domed room attached to a mosque. It symbolized the attainment of the various levels of mystical union with God and of absolute perfection through spiritual fervor.


Sema is a spiritual act and a religious ritual. No applaud needed until the ceremony is over.

Turkish Bath (Hamam)

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Steeped in tradition, a Turkish Bath is an experience like no other. You will be asked to relax in a hot steam (sauna) room followed by a rinse off in the plunge pool or shower. Wash all your cares away as you take your place on the warm marble slab where your attendant exfoliates your body with the aid of a rough mitt. Then prepare to be pampered with a foam-filled cloth for a sudsy massage.